How It Works

If you have a product or service you want to sell and know who your potential clients are, I will match your business with the right social media and work on the right web strategy to connect them.


Think of working with me as working with your very own web marketing coordinator, who understands your business the way you do, at a fraction of the cost of having a full time marketing specialist in-house. In fact, I will help you lower the cost of the project, by making sure all parts of it are integrated seamlessly.


Together we will:


  • Develop the web strategy that fits your business

  • Build your website or update your existing website with a mobile version

  • Set up social media accounts for your company

  • Work on social media campaign


When you work with me, you eliminate the need to have separate teams of web developers, graphic designers, social media campaign managers, content creators, or spend time on interviewing candidates that will work on your project for only a few weeks.


I will build a team of professionals for your project and coordinate their work. You will not need to know a word of professional or technical lingo, after all, who needs to know PPC, CTR, SEM – I’ll translate all the geeky terms into relatable language, and will write all the technical specifications and briefs for you.

How It Works

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We will review your current situation, brainstorm together and define your goals and objectives. Then we will decide on the best online strategy for your business.


You will get a detailed action plan along with the price quote.


We do all the work while you can concentrate on your business. We will do interim reviews together to ensure we are aligned on the requirements and final product.


We will present you with the final product and get your approval.